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Thanks to our know-how and our flair, we concocted a unique flavour that since turned out to be our signature flavour. The exotic sweetness of vanilla pairs perfectly with the acidity of fresh raspberry puree in a creamy blend unique to Snö. The cherry on top: pieces of white chocolate for a little crunchiness.


Oat beverage (water, organic oat flour) • Sugars (cane sugar, tapioca syrup) • Raspberries coulis (raspberries, water, sugar, corn starch, raspberry seeds, natural flavor) • White chocolatey chunks (cocoa butter, coconut oil, icing sugar, natural flavor) • Canola oil • Rice starch • InulinErythritol • Coconut oil • Faba bean proteins • Natural flavors • Acacia gumTara gumGuar gumSunflower lecithin.
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