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Get the refreshing green mint taste with an avalanche of chocolate cookie pieces. Made with real dark chocolate and mint flavour is guaranteed to make every bite irresistible. The mint chocolate cookie is genuinely one of a kind.
Mint Chocolate.png


Gluten free oat beverage (water, organic gluten free oat flour) • Chocolate cookie (brown rice flour, cane sugar, apple sauce, rapeseed oil, cocoa powder, tapioca starch, potato starch, baking powder, natural flavour, salt)• Sugars (cane sugar, tapioca syrup) • Coconut oil • Rapeseed oil • Rice flour • Natural flavours • Pea proteins • Acacia gum • Tara gum • Guar gum • Sunflower lecithin • Gellan gum• Chlorophyll. 
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